Cynthia Minyard
Owner-Credit Specialist

About 10 to 15 years ago Cynthia went to a financial seminar at church on how to become debt free. She walked away from that weekend deciding that in 10 years she would be debt free so she set a long term goal and little by little worked towards it. Little did she know at that time what her future held. Suddenly a hardship very similar to many Americans plagued Cynthia’s life. After a job related accident, which left her husband bed confined and requiring around the clock attention, she began doing credit repair from her home for friends, family and select referrals. Cynthia learned creative, yet legal ways to deal with creditors, however this simply was not enough. Income was not enough to sustain good credit standings and bills got behind and her credit scores suffered. Once back on her feet, the credit repair for herself began, and 10 years later she found herself as a single mother, debt free and her scores back up to very respectable levels. Cynthia continued to do credit repair and in October of 2007 business was too much to be conducted from her home and she moved to AAA’s first store front in Spring Texas. This location began in a 1000 sq ft office space with Cynthia and 1 assistant. As of today, AAA has grown to a 2000 sq ft office located at 12786 Interstate 45 North, Willis, Tx 77378 and now has 6 full time employees and several part time sales employees. AAA has 400+ clients and that number grows daily.

Edward Brent- IT & Marketing Specialist

Edward has been with AAA for 10 years wearing many different hats all the way from handyman to financial consultant to office manager and is currently head of our IT and Marketing division. Edward’s passion for serving and helping others is deep rooted and is shown by dedication to AAA as well as his 20+ year career as a Paramedic Firefighter.

Kani Avila-Credit Specialist

Kani has been part of our family since 2019. Kani is a dedicated, loyal and hard working young lady with a serious “can do” attitude. Kani comes from a deep background in customer service and corporate management.  We are looking forward to many more wonderful years with Kani.

Angela Williams – Account Specialist

Linda Cortez joined the AAA team almost 3 years ago and has not stopped amazing us since. Linda’s charisma and sense of humor has really added to the “TEAM” concept at AAA. Linda’s hardwork and dedication shows not only here, but in her personal life where she is a full time college student majoring in psychology as well as being extremely active in her church. We are proud to have Linda in the family and are looking for many great years ahead.