Can you change your own oil, wash your car, mow your grass, paint your house, do your taxes, or cook a hamburger and fries? Of course you can, but do you? Or do you use life’s conveniences that are at your disposal?

So why you should choose AAA Credit Counseling and Repair Service? Can you yourself repair your damaged credit? Of course you can and we will even tell you how during a free consultation! But why would you? Your credit is something special, sensitive and should be treated with kid gloves. If you are not a mechanic would you take on the task of rebuilding the engine in your car or would you let a professional do it?

There process is simple in itself, but overall requires a large amount of time dedicated to the process daily in order to achieve your desired goals.

At AAA we have trained professionals that spend hours and hours educating themselves on the ins and outs of credit, financial stability and consumer rights. They then apply what they have learned to improve your credit status. Our specialist work on your file day in and day out 5 to 6 days a week ensuring that every possible option has been exhausted. Each client is unique in his or her own situation and that is how you are treated. You are a live human being that will be treated as such by LIVE HUMAN BEINGS.

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